A calendar year in Orina consists of 303 days, divided among 13 months, most of which are 25 days, with one, known as Mistfall lasting only three days. A week in Orina lasts six days.

Days of the Week -

Father’s Day – The First day of the week, followers of Yealweath see this day as one to enjoy the wonders of the world.

Gaea’s Day – Second day of the week, followers of Gaea see this day as one of creation and work.

Light’s Day – Third day of the week, followers of Hyperius see this day as one in which as much light as possible must be shed upon the world. Cities are lit brightly by candles, torches and magic all day and night.

Seaday – Fourth day of the week, followers of Geluin throw a piece of silver into the waters, this tradition is also followed by sailors, who see this day as the best day to set sail.

Twin’s Day – Fifth day of the week, followers of Ezifon and Xanver create art wherever possible or contribute to artists as they can.

Moon’s Day – Sixth day of the week, followers of the Moon gods and Kaeben view this as a day of rest.

Months of the Year

Yealus – Commonly called Newyear -

Laimus – Commonly called Lifewake or Laima’s Rise -

Poditus – Commonly called Stormcome -

Xanus – Commonly called Brightgreen -

Aestus – Commonly called Warmday or Aesta’s Glory -

Hyus – Commonly called High Sun -

Herothus – Commonly called Summerfade -

Palunus – Commonly called Mistfall – Palunus is an unusual month, lasting three days, during which a strange mist falls over the land, this mist is known to enhance magic

Fonus – Commonly called Fallingleaf -

Dundrus – Commonly called Lastharvest or Dundra’s Grace -

Nikkus – Commonly called Greatfeast -

Lemarchus – Commonly called Firstwhite -

Morriganus – Commonly called Deepchill or Morrigane’s Grasp -

Festivals and Holy Days

Mielekkafest – Three days dedicated to great hunts in honor of Mielekka, on the third day many of the hunters trade or share their bounty with their communities. Begins Fonus 7th, Ends the 9th.

Nikkal’s Feast – Day of feasting in honor of Nikkal, often a great feast among villages, smaller affairs in cities. Nikkus 2nd.

Garuvenne – Festival dedicated to Garuveh, acts of strength are common. Hyus 4th through the 9th

The Bugler’s Festival – Festival held regularly in the city of Ronvarl, a large affair with music and parades. Starts the 3rd Father’s Day of Xanus.

Remembrance Day – Day dedicated to rembrance of the war between men and Samathael, held on the day the Fylanvar defeated him. Dundrus 14th.


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