Ayen's Peak

Ayens_Peak.jpgAyen’s Peak is a City-State in the Eastmountains on a high mesa. Though it joined with them, the city maintained its own autonomy as the other lands belonging to the Brother Races joined to form the nation of Avostahn. It is known that after the war, Othoram the Builder visited the mountains near the region, and there built the Cloister of the Builder, after seeing him amidst their reparations, he became a heroic figure to the city. In recent times, the First Swords have come to the City to help defend it from a siege by an Orcish army and the dragon Ixisus.

The city is led by Wayland the Smith, whom bears no formal title, but possesses great influence. He is aided by a circle of leaders among groups of the city’s people.

The language of the people of Ayen’s Peak is Avos.

The coin standard of the realm is the Pick, differing coins with an image of a great pick on one side.



Ruled by:

Wayland the Smith and a Circle of Leaders.

Defended by:

Ayen’s Peak has a battalion that doubles as peackeepers in the city, known as The Soaring Eagles. Their elevated position provides defense against attacks, as well as a massive Siege Bow, developed with the aid of Olifer the Gongblade.


The mountains near Ayen’s Peak are rich in minerals but lack farmland, the people here often trade metals for farmed goods and meats from the villages in Southern Avostahn. Wildlife in the region is limited, and birds are a dietary staple, goats are often raised for their milk rather than eaten.

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Ayen's Peak

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