Warryn Nigel

Käinen Fighter / Wizard


Warryn Nigel or “Ember Tongue” as he is known in his old troupe, never knew the ways of a settled life.. In fact his first memories were of the wagon that was his childhood home. His mother greeting strangers to enter and sit so that she might divine their fortunes. Flimig, Mistress of Fortunes, was just one of many attractions that Rook’s Carnival of Wonders held in store for those seeking a repose from the day to mundanes of life. As he grew he never longed for the sedentary life of the families who lived among the cities and villages of Avostahn. He had all the family he could ever ask for. Gaiden, the strong man, and Feydwer, the jester. The Ketus sisters and their high wire stunts. Rostos, the elastic man, and of course Rook, master sword swallower and fire eater. Rook had discovered Warryn’s knack for fire manipulation early in his young life and had taken him under his wing. Warryn idolized Rook, and learned everything he could from him, but he didn’t wish to replace Rook. He needed an act of his own. He tried on many different suits as it were over the course of his formative years. Trapeze artist, minstrel, snake charmer, knife thrower just to name a few, but he never found one that brought him joy nearly as much as the flame. When he came to Rook with his plight, he only smiled and told Warryn “Dear boy, I am growing old. The fire no longer calls to me the way it once did. I always hoped that one day you would be able to take my place in the ring.” Warryn didn’t know what to say, Rook had even devised a duo performance to debut Warryn as Rook’s Carnival of Wonders’ new fire eater. They practiced tirelessly and planned the performance to coincide with with yearly festival to The Bugler in Ronvarl. It was to be a performance never to be forgotten, and for those at Rook’s Carnival that day, it never would.

It all happened so fast, something awoke in Warryn during that performance that he had never felt before. He felt so alive! But before he knew it the flames had gone out if control, catching the big tent’s main mast ablaze. The old wood of the thing went up like kindling taking the tent along with it. The next thing he knew he was swept up in the crowds running to escape the inferno. Most made it out with no more than some minor burns or bruises, but Rook had not been so lucky. The other performers of the carnival blamed Warryn for the death of their beloved ring master, and he was banished from the only life he had ever known. He wouldn’t allow his mother to accompany him, after all his mistake had been no fault of her’s. As a parting gift to her son she explained that what had happened was magic, but none that she had any experience with. She explained he would need to find someone who could show him the ways of such magic so that he could understand and use his gifts properly.

Since that day he has wandered on his own. He was turned away from the ivory tower when he sought their tutelage after hearing of the events that had transpired at the carnival. Forced to survive on the talents he learned at the carnival, he returned every year to The Bugler festival to pay homage to his former mentor, and to again ask the Ivory Tower for entrance. Every year he asked, and every year he was turned away. He didn’t blame them, and he never gave up hope though that the next would be different. And finally came the year that it was.

Again came The Bugler’s festival and again Warryn made his trip to Ronvarl. He payed his respects to Rook the way he always had, leaving a bottle of Rook’s favorite fire water at his grave. It was little more than than a wooden plank with, Rook, the flame of Avostahn, carved into it. The scene he came upon when neared the made lightning through his veins. Several of the town’s adolescents were congregating around the plank laughing at it. “The flame of Avostahn, more like flaming idiot.” One of them exclaimed as he poured one if the older bottles of firewater on the plank and lit it ablaze. Warryn felt as though the fire were coursing through his veins and before he could stop himself he commanded it to leap onto the foolish boys. They screamed as their clothes caught fire and they narrowly managed to strip themselves of the flaming garments and stamp the fire out, fleeing the scene. Warryn dosed the fire with water from his waterskin, but the old plank had already been mostly burned. He sat and wept over the charred remains of the plank until he heard a voice from behind him. “I saw what you did.” Warryn spun around as fast as he could startled by the sudden intrusion on his tears. A looming figure in black robes stood before him. “I hear you seek tutelage in the ways of magic?” Suddenly the stories of the black wizards he had heard over the years flooded his mind. Could he be one of them? “Yes, I am. I seek to control my gifts.” Warryn answered. The figured turned as if to walk away, and spoke again “then I shall teach you.” As the figure began to walk away he gathered his composure and called is dogs and set out to follow the Black Wizard.

Warryn traveled with the Black Wizard to The Kingdom of Beasts, where the group negotiated to pass the Gate of Beauty with Jakob, in exchange for solving a problem with Ulver near the White Serpent River. Him and the group sent with him managed to kill three of the Ulver, the final one, Locris negotiated a deal to save his own life. The party returned to The Keep in the Trees where Jakob denied them access beyond the Gate of Beauty to the Village of Ønske. Attempting to breach the gate in the middle of the night, Dormand Stoneweaver was able to open the gate quite easily using his magic, they traveled to the village where the Black Wizard’s wish went awry and two of their companions disappeared after making their own wishes. Warryn attempted to help but his own wish was corrupted, the group were wished away to Ambervale, his intended wish was fulfilled by Gaea, and Rook’s Carnival of Wonders once more travels Avostahn.

Warryn Nigel

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