Tallon of BloodMist

Väki Barbarian


Tallon was born to a band of Barbarians that had spent much time terrorizing the Western coast of Avostahn, this horde was ultimately put down in a bloody siege by The Shepherds. As a boy of eight, he was spared and sent away to the town of Bloodmist, a seedy town that often skirted authority, but provided enough tax revenue to keep the crown from taking too much interest. Tallon was left with a priest of the town, but the priest was abusive, beating the boy, until after many years of this abuse, Tallon was strong enough to kill his guardian, but with nowhere to go, he took to a criminal life in the streets of Bloodmist. Stealing was a necessity, and down the road, he met the assassins of the Blood Moon, who taught him to kill for a living. and he lived far better than he ever had. However, he still had a hard life, he was nearly killed many times, stabbings, burning, falling from a roof, nearly drowning and being trampled, even being hung once. He believed this to be the retribution of the Goddess of Misfortune, Ata, the patron of his former master, in an attempt to take a life for a life. So Tallon began dedicating the lives he took to Ata, in hopes that she would continue to allow him to live to another day. He would leave a card showing the victims worth with each of his kills.

A job would bring Tallon to the city of Ronvarl, where he would be contacted by a Käinen known as One-Hand Swires, a member of the Hidden Glass. Swires had received a commission and was looking for locals to enter the College of the Ivory Spire, Tallon needed someone who could handle it if things got nasty. The group infiltrated the College, here they encountered a faculty member named Kerrigan Loveless, and as she began to assist Chubs in moving Christof, Tallon grabbed her from behind, choking her to death and leaving the Queen of Spades on her body.

Tallon and party made their way through the College, avoiding The Sentry to find their way into the Spire, and up to find their target, shards of the Scimitar of Samathael. With a troupe of animated armor in pursuit, they continued up to the floors belonging to Elden Graymoore, smashing the great stained glass windows of the tower and descending into the roof and escaping the town guard into the night. After receiving recompense, Tallon would return to Bloodmist with one of the fragments of the Scimitar, covering it with molten lead, and throwing it off into the sea.


Tallon of BloodMist

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