Jaune Arc

Väki Soldier of the First Swords, Rank: Sergeant


Sergeant Jaune Arc is a Väki with Blonde Hair and Dark Blue Eyes. He hails from the island of Silvia Inssula, which is part of an island cluster off the coast of Avostahn.

Jaune Arc was born into a line of heroes, the Arc family of Valefair, renowned for its sword, known as Morrs, with its sheath Avalon. Due to his lineage, Jaune was raised to learn many skills, from swordplay to cooking, working diligently at every thing he was taught, and though he might not be the smartest of people, he learned the value of friends and teammates, and wanted to be a hero as his 8 sisters had gone off to try their hand at before him. As he grew older, Jaune learned that Avalon had been stolen from the family, the culprit unknown, and though he vowed to find this blade, he had to make his own way in the world. With his training and family prestige, he joined the military of Avostahn, beginning with the Sabres of the Sea, where his father had been a Captain prior to his retirement.


Jaune learned at times that he had to carry his own weight to benefit the group, and that sometimes, friends did not make it back. But he also found himself becoming a leader, when his commanding officer was slain by an Orc, Jaune took up the mantle and lead his men to victory, preventing as many casualties as possible until the battle was over. Jaune found himself promoted upwards to Sergeant, a leader. He continued to lead strike forces, clearing enemies from the Arc Isles, inspiring them as he declared “I don’t fight, I protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Soon after, he found himself offered the chance to join the First Swords, which was a true honor, as they are the only proactive military unit in all of Avostahn. He has left his homeland, and now fights to protect all of the Kingdom.

The Heroes of Longmound

His current mission has involved an Orcish incursion near the Southern borders with Blackmire. The Swords swept the Orcs out of the village of Rolandmarch, at the cost of Commander Erilar Bjornson. Arc led a small group to pursue the escaping Orcs to the village of Longmound, finding refugees from Rolandmarch in the forest along the way. They left the refugees in the forest as they moved onward, meeting Reuben, mayor of Longmound, who informed the group of a fallen Halgain tower in the East. The group handled the Orcs there, including a leader who was considerably dangerous, but they returned, named Heroes of Longmound for preventing a potential attack on their city. And have been summoned to the Town of Riverfall.

The Tyrant of Riverfall, Liberata and the Schism

Meeting with their comrades, the unit under Jaune learned of something causing problems with the community of Riverfall, the military was only able to obtain whispers, but from Mayor Carrot Speckleflower it was learned that a demon called The Tyrant, had taken residence in the region, presumably sticking to the Temple of Bechole. The party gathered their information, and dubbed themselves Liberata – Freer of Men.

Traveling into the woods to lure out the Tyrant, they met a group of followers, warning them to leave, Marco shot one before they could act, killing him. The remaining four attempted to fight but were beaten soundly. One of them kept conscious raved madly before Jaune put him down, spurring an argument with Nikil. But they marched onward to the Temple, and as they ascended the stairs, words of sorrow drifted into the minds of the group. Reaching the top they found the inside to be a sheer wall, nearly 100 feet, and they found a monstrous being, “The Tyrant”. They battled, but soon discovered that it was merely an illusion, though something else attacked them, looking like the cultists, but mindly shuffling towards them, one of these Shufflers got up when struck down by an arrow. They ran past, ascending to find a Wizard, mid-spell, oblivious to their presence, Marco killed him quickly before another one ran into the room. Mad as the cultist, begging to die, and Marco indulged him as well. In the next room, they found another wizard, unconscious, awakening him, they learned more of the group known as The Tyrant, that two of them had escaped, the one known as Fenvarl had been studying. They found some of the notes left by Venfarl, one in large letters “And I saw the stars fall from the sky and I know”, a second circle “The soul must be bound to an object”, one is signed from a “Rubicante”.

The party returned to the First Swords camp, finding that Orikdane Goldhammer and the Northern Hammer had arrived. Orikdane announced the intention to take command of the Swords and move to Blackmire, letting the Orcish army overrun Ayen’s Peak. Marco announced to the Commander what they had found, but Orikdane was only interested in going to Blackmire. To spite their persistence, Orikdane stripped their ranks, but was met with resistance from the Captain of the Swords, Anders Northwind. The First Swords broke allegiance to Avostahn in order to aid the people of Ayen’s Peak.

Jaune Arc

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