Guena Vebri

Langøret Wizard


Guena Vebri grew up hating that he had a girl’s name, or so the other kids told him, stupid bunnies. He was small for his age, and due a slight limp that he had from birth, didn’t have to play with them anyway. Instead he read, and at the age of 6 he could produce light at will. This was amazing to everyone but the kids that he tortured with it, and soon found himself at the mercy of his Master. Master was and old Langøret, probably 40 at least, who looked upon Guena with fondness, though torturing helpless bunnies would not do. He took Guena away from his childhood home (but that was okay with Guena, as he had read all of the books there) and whisked him off to his sanctuary. It was filled with books, wire crackling with arcing electricity, a number of clocks, each set to a different time, oh and did I mention BOOKs. He was in heaven.

Guena’s Master however was not. He had Guena sort through the piles and piles of books, though he didn’t seem to mind if Guena peeked at some, he drew the line at reading them. “Now is not the time for reading” he said. “You will get to read all you want soon, now is the time to organize!” So saying he gave him his task. “You will list the books according to this simple chart I have made.” (he hands the Dewey Decimal system for Wizards to Guena).

Guena looked at the books with despair. Did he put a treatise on a water clock, flowing in reverse into Things that don’t work as they ought to, or Things that work just fine if you are travelling backwards in time. And here at least was an easy one: Bat guano, but did it go into the caves for each one or need a section called Bat Guano and Its Uses. He decided that it was necessary. And on, and on. Guena got a breadth and depth knowledge in the 2 years it took to organize the library, but eventually he was done.

“Enough of that,” his Master (and that’s the only name he has for him, even today) told him. “We are going to go around the Kingdom of Beasts and learn by doing.” He took Guena out to the wilder parts of the land and had him defeat the spiders by deftly webbing up their lair and then igniting it with a fire bolt. He took Guena out to an Orc camp where he cast burning hands and that was that. Lastly, he took Guena to Meinhedessahl’s lair, whom he amused with his mispronunciation of Wyrmtongue, though she still liked to hear it.

The only thing left to do was go back and read pretty much everything that he wanted. Guena did so with gusto. He read up on Orcish, should run into them again, and he read up on Wyrmtongue, though his Master couldn’t pronounce several words, he still got the gist of it.

Jakob heard of him from his Master, who goes off and does things that higher ranked wizards do, as a wizard who was up-and-coming.

Genua, or “Jen” as he asked them to call him, went out with a group of adventurers, they defeated the öökull that were had created problems in the north, aiding the fairie queene. After that adventure, he is by law one of the only ones that can go to the land belonging to the Bjørn Bard, Fisher. From there, he would find himself on an adventure, aboard the Lucid Eye, captained by Solodrael Seastone.

Guena Vebri

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