Orc Warlock


Draemon was an Orc hailing from the Blackmire region. He was a servant of Gorahgog, and aided him on his quest to rule all of Blackmire. He traveled with a party bound for the Painted Stones to find a buried relic, along the way killing a Molak’duhl and several Banakil. At the Painted Stones, they defeated a large group of Banakil, with one escaping, Gorahgog’s group dug up an ancient massive sword. Soon after, a larger group of Banakil were headed towards the stones, Draemon stayed behind to keep them distracted while Gorahgog escaped and was torn apart by the Caracal of the Banakil.

When building Kallosein, Gorahgog would name Draemonhjall in his honor.


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