Dormand Stoneweaver

Dørv Architect, Mason and Druid


Dormand Stoneweaver is an oddball Dørv with strange customs, but known to be a master of stone. He can make buildings beautiful, keeps last forever, and is a student of older ruins. Dormand refuses to be paid in coin, insisting on trades of lore, knowledge, stories, meetings, music or sometimes small favors in exchange for his services. He rides his Tantoran Camel, Gort, and his desire was to build a monastery at Mount Tantora, highest peak in Avostahn.

Dormand traveled with the Black Wizard to The Kingdom of Beasts, where the group negotiated to pass the Gate of Beauty with Jakob, in exchange for solving a problem with Ulver near the White Serpent River. Him and the group sent with him managed to kill three of the Ulver, the final one, Locris negotiated a deal to save his own life. The party returned to The Keep in the Trees where Jakob denied them access beyond the Gate of Beauty to the Village of Ønske. Attempting to breach the gate in the middle of the night, Dormand was able to open the gate quite easily using his magic, they traveled to the village where the Black Wizard’s wish went awry and two of their companions disappeared after making their own wishes. Warryn Nigel attempted to help but his own wish was corrupted, while Dormand wished for needed resources and time to build his monastery. Upon the groups escape from Ønske, Dormand has returned to Mount Tantora and begun building the Stoneweaver Sanctuary.


Dormand Stoneweaver

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