Fylanvar Guardian


Broaquahr is a Fylanvar of the Order of Guardians. He was among those in The Gallery when Czernobus began to awake. Just before, he witnessed Perkele within the great glass prison of the Dark God, and the warmth of Czernobus overcame him with the emotion of envy. With Othoram, Broaquahr began attempting to smash his way into the cell, though Oratho the Bugler attempted to stop him. As the God awoke, they feared for the safety of the Fylanvar, and upon solving the riddle of the Tabernacle, they began to see that there was a change among the Order. They were becoming more manipulative, whereas their group were becoming more heroic.

At the Tabernacle, Vycidith presented them with The Fylanvarian Tablet, though could not explain before Oratho put him to sleep, with the High Wizard seemingly willing. Othoram would meet with one of the Keepers, as well as So’un before escaping into The Void, misunderstanding the Tablet. Here Othoram and his group would meet with The God of Secrets, who would request a favor in exchange for proper understanding of how to use the tablet, Othoram would agree.

Following their escape from The Unending Halls. The group met with Aerfen, God of Fate and Alucinde, an old woman who is a confidant of the God. Aerfen reveals that the universe is cyclical. That Czernobus has destroyed the universe many times, and that he is the only one who can see those pasts, which has seen the events occuring after the Fylanvar escaped occuring numerous times, with Othoram and So’un having escaped before, along with Haeroduhl.

In the years following their escape, Broaquahr was instrumental in training many of the local people for the coming battle with Samathael. Following the charge against the demons, Broaquahr and his fellow Fylanvar escapees would battle Samathael and come out victorious in a brutal battle known as The Battle at the Broken Land.

Broaquahr would continue to aid the Brother Races for many years, with the Väki in particular, and they would construct the Fortress City of Broaqgard in his honor. Many years later, with the lands firmly controlled by the Brother Races, the Fylanvar would depart from the material plane with Aerfen.


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